Just checked the data and we have 155 completes with 112 including the product interview. The quotas look perfect as well, so thanks again for running this test so smoothly."
Michael Blum - Opinion
Blum - Opinion
Indícios is a flexible Portuguese market research company, which work is guided by regulated quality standards. The company differentiates itself among competitors by its close and customized relation with the client. "
Tatiana Romão
Sonae Sierra
I am happy to count on Indicios as a partner for our projects in Portugal. They are highly professional and have a strong sense of collaboration. They all work at their best with enthusiasm and flexibility in every stage of the project. They are a valuable asset to us not only because of their local market knowledge but also because of their ability in turning these knowledge into cultural insights of great added value; this is much appreciated by our clients. It is a pleasure to recommend Indicios to end clients and international agencies."
Maria Agui
Market Arena